Attendance Sheets

These are a list of the known attendance / sign-in sheets for the Iowa Chapter meetings and seminars: (please be patient while we get them all populated on our website.)  If you need a copy of one, email someone from the board of governors.

October – Meeting/Tour
November – Tour/Meeting
December – Meeting
January – Meeting
February – Meeting
March – Tech Session and Meeting
April –

October – Student Night
November – Tech Session – Meeting
December – Meeting
January – Meeting and Tour
February – History and Boilers
March – Tech SessionMeeting
April – Webcast Hart-HammerWebcast Halvorson Trane

October – Student Night
November – Meeting – Tech Session: Deep Energy Reductions in Laboratories
December – Energy Conservation and Efficiency
January – Energy Star
February – Mechanical Code Update
March – Technical Session – ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides
March – Chapter Meeting – Refrigeration
April – Webcast (registrants list only)

November – Optimizing Chilled Water Plant Controls
December – Indoor Air Quality During Construction
January – Engineering Ethics
February – Distinguished Lecturer – Hoy Bohanon, Jr., PE, LEED AP, BEAP
March –
April –

October – Jerry Sipes – Chilled Beams and Displacement Ventilation
November – Student Panel and Tour of ISU Biorenewables Research Laboratory
December – Joint Meeting – The Tomorrow Plan by Bethany Wilcoxon
January – Static Pressure Control Strategies by Dr. Ron Nelson and Brian Housholder
February – Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water Systems by Dr. William Bahnfleth

October – Jason Steinbock and Matt Swenka – Building Energy Modeling
November – McHenry (Mack) Wallace, PE – Complying with Standard 90.1-2010: HVAC/Mechanical
December – Joy Davis – Solving the Social Media Puzzle
January – Student Panel and Tour of ISU State Gym
February – Terry Townsend, PE – Advanced Energy Conservation and IEQ Design Guidance and Applications
February – YEA Event
March – Tour of Iowa Cold Storage

October – Distinguished Lecturer Bill Coad – VAV Systems – Energy
November – Student Night Panel Discussion/Ames Power Plant Tour
December – What’s New in DDC? by Matt Krueger
January – Aviva Headquarters Presentation and Tour
February – Andrew Price – Standard 189

November – Methodist West Tour
December – Wind Power
January – Distinguished Lecturer – Veriable Flow Refrigerants
January – Dinner Program
February – ISU Chemistry Lab Tour
March – Distinguished Lecturer
March – Dinner Program
April – Trane Site – Satellite Broadcast – Commissioning for High Performance Buildings

October – UV Lighting and HVAC
November – Maintain to Sustain – Bill Harrison, ASHRAE President
December – Indoor Air Quality and the new SP-200
January – Warranties, Bonds and Liquidated Damages….or Nothing at All
February – Advanced Energy Design Guide
March – Supermarket Refrigeration

November – Student Panel Discussion and Tour of USDA Labs
January – Polk County Jail Tour
March – Dan Holohan – The Lost Art of Steam Heating

October – IAQ – Filtration Particulate Transport Mechanisms
November – Reiman Gardens Conservatory Tour
December – Brent Gale – Mid-American Energy
January – Refrigeration System Review by ASHRAE President Ron Vallort, PE
February – Top 10 Screw-Ups in Construction
March – ASHRAE 62
April – Homeland Security Satellite Broadcast
April – Low Temperature Refrigeration and AE Dairy Tour

If you have copies of old attendance sheets, feel free to forward them on to the Webmaster.