2019 February Chapter Meeting – Refrigeration Tour


Tuesday February 12, 2019
• 5:30 – Hy-Vee Commissary Facility Tour
• 6:30 – ASHRAE Dinner & Chapter Meeting at Jethro’s Lake House


Hy-Vee Commissary Facility
4500 SE Delaware
Ankeny, IA 50021

See link Map for entrance & parking.   Enter at the NE corner straight across from Mills Fleet Farm. Turn west at the fleet farm stop light.

Jethro’s Lake House
1425 SW Vintage Parkway
Ankeny, IA 50023


Every tour attendee must pre-register.  Facility security needs everyone’s name, in order to go on the tour.  If anyone attends that has not pre-registered, they will need a photo ID and will have to check in at the guard shack.


Tour is of Hy-Vee’s ready to eat food production facility used to support their retail operation.

Refrigeration System:

The ammonia system is a central single stage system.  There currently is one suction pressure with provisions in place for the future addition of a second lower suction pressure.  There are (3) ammonia screw compressors with each having a capacity of 430TR at design conditions.  There are (2) evaporative condensers with each having a capacity of 8,931,000 BTUH of heat rejection.  The ammonia is pumped to the equipment in the facility by ammonia pumps connected to the HT Recirculator Vessel.  All the ceiling hung evaporators in the refrigerated space utilize recirculated liquid ammonia and hot gas defrost with the exception of the +55F Rooms which utilize direct expansion and air defrost.  There are (5) Critical Process Make-up Air Units located on the roof that serve the production areas.  The unit serving the HMR Production Room has a dessicant section designed to aid in the dehumidification of the room.  The -10F Freezers are served by R448a split systems due to there currently not being enough load to justify the installation of a low pressure ammonia system to service this area.  There is a central computerized control system that provides control and monitoring of all the refrigeration equipment.

Steam – (2) 40 HP horizontal firetube steam boilers. The boilers have an operating pressure of 120 psig. The boilers have (1) blowdown separator and (1) chemical feed system. The boilers serve kitchen equipment (including Wok, Brat Pan, Kettle, Flame Grill, etc.)

Hot Water – (2) 200 GPM gas fired water heaters with a 3,000 gallon hot water storage tank. The water heaters serve approximately (50) hose stations for sanitization and other hot water needs throughout the facility (sinks, restrooms, breakrooms, etc.).

Compressed Air – (2) 292 SCFM Oil Free air compressors. The air compressors have an operating pressure of 125 psig. There are (2) desiccant air dryers and (2) 1550 gallon air receiver tanks. The air compressors serve approximately (50) hose stations for sanitization and other process equipment.

Misc HVAC – Other than the refrigeration, the rest of the facility is served by roof top units, make-up air units, split systems and gas-fired unit heaters. The facility has (5) kitchen hoods in the HMR & R&D Kitchens.


Free for ASHRAE Iowa members
$20 for non-members
Always free for students

Social Sponsor

Hart Hammer


Registration is open now – it will close end of the day February 6th so we can get food counts turned in.

Please register online if you are attending.

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